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(ULUS-10310) Elevator.

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(ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by BeerBear xXx on Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:25 am

Since yall dont have that code here I'll post fo yall

;(Select) = Up
;(Left) = Down
;A Console Coding Hack
0x001BF714 0x0A383480
0x0060D200 0x3C0808E3
0x0060D204 0x8D0886DC
0x0060D208 0x3C093E80
0x0060D20C 0x3C0A3E80
0x0060D210 0x3C0B3E80
0x0060D214 0x3C0C08DD
0x0060D218 0x8D8C3068
0x0060D21C 0x240D0001
0x0060D220 0x158D000D
0x0060D224 0xC5020070
0x0060D228 0x44891800
0x0060D22C 0x46031100
0x0060D230 0xE5040070
0x0060D234 0xC5050074
0x0060D238 0x448A3000
0x0060D23C 0x460629C0
0x0060D240 0xE5070074
0x0060D244 0xC5080078
0x0060D248 0x448B4800
0x0060D24C 0x46094280
0x0060D250 0xE50A0078
0x0060D254 0x1000000E
0x0060D258 0x240D0080
0x0060D25C 0x158D000C
0x0060D260 0xC5020070
0x0060D264 0x44891800
0x0060D268 0x46031101
0x0060D26C 0xE5040070
0x0060D270 0xC5050074
0x0060D274 0x448A3000
0x0060D278 0x460629C1
0x0060D27C 0xE5070074
0x0060D280 0xC5080078
0x0060D284 0x448B4800
0x0060D288 0x46094281
0x0060D28C 0xE50A0078
0x0060D290 0x10000000
0x0060D294 0x3C0E1102
0x0060D298 0x35CE0344
0x0060D29C 0xAD0E0290
0x0060D2A0 0x3C0F3F80
0x0060D2A4 0x35EF0000
0x0060D2A8 0xAD0F0488
0x0060D2AC 0x3C1808A4
0x0060D2B0 0x3C193C04
0x0060D2B4 0x37390000
0x0060D2B8 0xAF19005C
0x0060D2BC 0x03E00008
BeerBear xXx
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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by NiekTSK on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:39 am

This is a cool code:)
I use it always!!
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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by Nick on Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:30 am

i have it already 0.o
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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by XxMIRAGExX on Tue Apr 28, 2009 5:22 am

its just a jokered skywalker. good if u hav no patience for the real skywalker.

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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by MJKT on Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:09 am

XxMIRAGExX wrote:its just a jokered skywalker. good if u hav no patience for the real skywalker.

well its skyalker but you can controll how high or low you go Very Happy

another awesome pspmodandcfw code Very Happy


here to help Razz

Mohh2 ID : iMJKT

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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by mindude on Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:19 am

this is some cool stuff. Cheers!

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Re: (ULUS-10310) Elevator.

Post by Sponsored content

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