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DMP - Multi DMA Defeater PRX by Oby1Chick

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DMP - Multi DMA Defeater PRX by Oby1Chick

Post by MJKT on Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:17 am

This is extremly useful for defeating DMA on the psp Very Happy (get DMP2)

DMP3 is gonna be released in the future

Hello people,

Here we go, in this thread I release DMP, a plugin that I made to fix multi dma levels without the computer and directely on PSP.It was made in C totally by myself and it makes you able to fix an infinite number of dma levels very easily.

Based on an algorithm often called "Random offset", DMP uses an improved memory search function that I wrote from scratch and that can look over adresses way faster than any cheat device.It can find an offset bigger than 100 in less than one minute.I posted a tutorial available here that will teach you how to use it perfectely :


All the steps and the commands are told in the plugin.
Otherwise, the button needed to bring up the menu is SELECT.
It can run while an other cheat device is running without any problem, and I decided to don't release the source in order to don't be robbed like this poor Sanik.
Finnally, you can download it there :



DMP - Muti DMA defeater PRX for your PSP !

Megaupload link (Thanks Creator !)

megaupload.com 8HLGOGXX


DMP - Muti DMA defeater 2 PRX for your PSP !

Megaupload link (Uploaded by myself)

megaupload.com 7YM7P0TW


Just press click right --> Save the content.
Then, extract the .zip in your desktop, and move dmp.prx in the folder "seplugins" of your PSP.
Add the line "ms0:/seplugins/dmp.prx 1" in your text file called "game.txt", and you are done.
Please send me rep++ or points if you like this tool !
Give me your feedback and good coding Smile,


here to help Razz

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Re: DMP - Multi DMA Defeater PRX by Oby1Chick

Post by SXYxJeff on Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:46 am

i use this its a great device for ppl who dnt always have access to a computer, or dont know how

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