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MIPS- How to make a Subroutine

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MIPS- How to make a Subroutine

Post by Battle Star on Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:03 pm

this is a simple and short guide how to make a subroutine with basic mips commands.

first, you need a code you want to make a subroutine out of.
if you have the code, open ps2dis and drag in the dump of your game.
then a box comes up. change Load from:00000000 to Load from:08800000.

next, press ctrl+F.

then in the next box, press and hold 0 for 10 seconds and check the hex string.

then, select a nop line where you start from. nops are empty values (0x00000000).

double click the line.
when the box comes up, change the command to: liu t0 $[put the first half of the codes address here, without the [. ].

the address of the code you are making has to be in real addressing format. To do that, use a hex calculator and add 08800000.

then you jump to the next line. change the command to liu t0 $[put the first half of your code's hex here without the [. ].

jump to the next line. change the command to ori t1 t1$[Last half of your code's hex without the [. ].

next line, change the command to sw t1 $[last half of your code's address in real addressing here without the [. ].

last line. change the command to jr ra.

finished. all you need to do is addin the hook. look in the browser for every jr ra code. the first one which freezes (write all jr ras down!) should be your hook.
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