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Mark & Recall, and more!

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Mark & Recall, and more!

Post by Warlock on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:42 pm

Lol... Enjoy you wankers.


#Mark & Recall
;L+Dpad Left = Mark
;L+Dpad Right = Recall
0x0006F8B0 0x0a200480
0x00001200 0x3c0808bd
0x00001204 0x8d0882D0
0x00001208 0x1900001b
0x00001210 0x3c0909a6
0x00001214 0x8d292c54
0x00001218 0x240a0180
0x0000121c 0x152a000a
0x00001224 0x3c0c08b9
0x00001228 0x8d0d0030
0x0000122c 0xad8da1ec
0x00001230 0x8d0e0034
0x00001234 0xad8ea1f0
0x00001238 0x8d0f0038
0x0000123c 0xad8fa1f4
0x00001240 0x1000000b
0x00001248 0x240b0120
0x0000124c 0x152b0008
0x00001254 0x3c0c08b9
0x00001258 0x8d8da1ec
0x0000125c 0xad0d0030
0x00001260 0x8d8ea1f0
0x00001264 0xad0e0034
0x00001268 0x8d8fa1f4
0x0000126c 0xad0f0038
0x00001270 0x10000001
0x00001278 0x0A21BE2D

;Speaks for itself
0xFFFFFFFF 0x003A51C4
0x00000BE0 0x03E00008

#Night Vision
0x0038EF68 0x40000000

#Big ass motorcycle tires
0x003AE204 0x40800000

#Map Color
;Play around with it for different colors
0x003AC114 0x40800000

#Infinite Ammo
;All guns
0xFFFFFFFF 0x003C82D0
0x000005BC 0x00000063
0x000005D4 0x00000063
0x000005F4 0x00000063
0x0000060C 0x00000063
0x00000628 0x00000063
0x00000648 0x00000063
0x00000664 0x00000063

;L = Fly up
0x0006F8B0 0x0a200480
0x00001200 0x3C0808BD
0x00001204 0x8D0982D0
0x00001208 0x11200010
0x00001210 0x3C0A09A6
0x00001214 0x3C0B0892
0x00001218 0x854C2C54
0x0000121C 0x240D0100
0x00001220 0x158D000A
0x00001228 0x240E1000
0x0000122C 0x3C0F3F80
0x00001230 0x448F6000
0x00001234 0xC52D0038
0x00001238 0x460C6B80
0x0000123C 0xA56EFEF6
0x00001240 0xE52E0038
0x00001244 0x240E1085
0x00001248 0xA56EFEF6
0x0000124C 0x8C850020
0x00001250 0x0A21BE2D

#No Wanted Level
;Change it to whatever you'd like..
0xFFFFFFFF 0x003C82D0
0x00000910 0x00000000

0xFFFFFFFF 0x0037DE78
0x000003A0 0x40800000

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Re: Mark & Recall, and more!

Post by RappY on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:59 pm

Good Job....

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Re: Mark & Recall, and more!

Post by Creator on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:31 am

Very Nice Warlock,
Ill test them out.
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Re: Mark & Recall, and more!

Post by NPGcriminal on Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:25 am

#Big ass motorcycle tires
0x003AE204 0x40800000


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Re: Mark & Recall, and more!

Post by Sponsored content

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